Counseling Services

School counselors are essential to the success of students. School counselors at the secondary schools assist students to prepare for life after high school including college and career readiness, help with scheduling issues, work through academic issues, work with students on personal, peer and families issues and serve as a general resource. Elementary counselors support children by leading groups, working through barriers to learning and teaching kids appropriate social skills. School counselors also serve as 504 coordinators for their buildings.

KHS Rachel Lowery  rachel.lowery@kelsosd.org
KHS Angela Knowles  angela.knowles@kelsosd.org
KHS Kali Albin kali.albin@kelsosd.org
KHS Denise Miles-Foges  denise.milesfoges@kelsosd.org
Coweeman Emily Cervantes emily.cervantes@kelsosd.org
Coweeman Allison Baxter allison.baxter@kelsosd.org
Huntington  Zoe Dieter zoe.dieter@kelsosd.org
Huntington  Christina Zepeda christina.zepeda@kelsosd.org
Barnes  Rebecca Viscuso Rebecca.viscuso@kelsosd.org
Beacon Hill Kim Halleck  kim.halleck@kelsosd.org
Butler Acres Sarah Marlow sarah.marlow@kelsosd.org
Carrolls Sarah Marlow sarah.marlow@kelsosd.org 
Catlin Rebecca Viscuso Rebecca.viscuso@kelsosd.org
Rose Valley Sarah Marlow
Wallace  LaVern Dollarhyde lavern.dollarhyde@kelsosd.org

 Mental Health Services

School counselors do not provide ongoing mental health services for students. The Kelso School district works in partnership with Lower Columbia Mental Health to provide limited in-school mental health counseling. Your family physician is a great resource when helping to obtain regular mental health counseling for your child.

If your child is already working with a mental health counselor outside of school it is often beneficial for the school to be aware of this and for the school counselor to be in contact with the students therapist, especially if there are issues the student is trying to address at school such as social anxiety and social skills. A release of information is needed for school counselors and outside therapists to discuss your child. Please click here to download the form.


CMS Counselors Allison Baxter and Emily Cervantes

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