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Homeless Student Inforamtion

Students who are homeless have educational rights under Federal law (the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act).

This includes children in shelters, transitional housing, or unsheltered, living doubled-up because of financial circumstances (with family and friends, but not on the lease), youth who are unaccompanied (living without the support of their parents/guardians), and youth awaiting foster care placement. 

The McKinney-Vento Act protects the educational rights of homeless children and youth. Your child CAN get the EDUCATION she or he DESERVES! Any child who qualifies for McKinney-Vento services because of homelessness, or any of the above conditions, has RIGHTS. 

Educational RIGHTS for homeless children: 

  • To remain enrolled in, and be transported to, the student’s School of Origin (last school) when feasible, even if you move across the District, or out of District
  • To be enrolled immediately (even without medical or school records) in the student’s neighborhood school (if that’s what you would prefer). 
  • To receive FREE breakfast and lunch in schools that serve both). 
  • To not pay school fees (you should NOT have to pay for fees for books for class, for field trips, for school sports, etc.).
  • Help with basic school supplies including uniforms, shoes, etc. • (If you can’t afford calculators, binders, paper, or other required supplies, talk with your child’s school and get HELP). 
  • To receive the same educational supports as all students. If your child is struggling with class work, advocate by asking the school staff for additional supports. 

    School offers students stability, friendship, & opportunities to learn and grow in a safe environment. School offers children a chance for a BETTER tomorrow— better jobs, better pay, better future. Keep your children in school!

    Don Iverson
    Kelso School District
    Homeless Liaison

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